Growth Plan

At Immanuel, we want to be intentional about growing in our faith and helping others grow as well. Our growth plan or "roadmap" serves as a plum line to encourage all of us to continue on the journey of becoming mature followers of Christ.

connect symbol     A key part of connecting at Immanuel is becoming involved in a Sunday School class. Sunday School allows you to experience Bible studies with a small group, connecting with other believers, and encourages you to reach out to others with the good news of the gospel. We have classes for all ages, couples and singles, kids and adults. We also encourage connecting by becoming a member of a church and enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. It is a great blessing to be a member of a church that can love and care for you. To find a list of Sunday School classes, click on the puzzle piece on the left!

grow symbol    We want to encourage every Christian to continue to grow in their faith through their private and public devotional life. Learning to read God's Word, speak to God through prayer, and scripture memory, encourages this growth. We encourage everyone to join us as we walk through our 2016 Bible Reading Plan. This plan will coincide with our preaching calendar and will stress verse memorization of imporant scripture. Click on the sprout to the left to be taken to our 2016 Bible Reading Plan!

serve symbol
     We believe a Christian who is maturing in their faith is serving the King. God has gifted each of us especially for service. At Immanuel, we encourage every member to serve in 1 ministry (serving inside the church) and 1 mission (serving outside the church). At Immanuel, we have many ministries and missions where we are able to serve those in the church and in our community. Click on the blue hand to be directed to our "Serving Ministries" page!


go symbolIn Acts 1:8, the Lord commands that we go to "the ends of the Earth" to tell others about Him! We believe God wants every believer to be able to share their faith and to tell others how to have a relationship with Christ. We encourage every Christian to pray for their Top 5 (5 individuals who do not know Christ), learn to share their faith, and live with a mobilized missionary mindset. Click on the orange footprint to be taken to our "Missions" page to see our Acts 1:8 partners!