Discipleship Groups 

We are excited to encourage a unique opportunity to both invest and be invested in by other fellow believers. During the months of March and April we are encouraging individuals to journey through a book of the Bible (John, James or 1 Peter) with two other individuals. These groups would meet for five or six weeks during the last half of March and April to dig into the Word, memorize scripture, pray, and share life. We will keep it simple and ask two questions of each chapter: "Who's Jesus?" and "So What?" Those that take part would be encouraged to consistently spend time reading the Bible prior to the meeting as well as memorizing a short verse each week (an excellent opportunity to memorize the Romans Road).
Our hope is that we learn from each other while walking in the Word together. This will be an excellent opportunity to take part in simple discipleship while gaining a better understand of God's Word, investing in the life of another Christian, and growing to become more like Jesus.  Your pastors will be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you plug into groups to take a journey through a book of the Bible.  Please sign up at sign up central or let Pastor Michael know that you are interested.
The Plan:
Intro (optional)  Meet, Introduce, Schedule Meetings The Romans Road     Memorize
Week 1 John chapters 1-5 (or James 1 or 1 Peter 1) Romans 3:23 (or Jn. 3:30)   
Week 2 John chapters 6-9 (or James 2 or 1 Peter 2) Romans 6:23 (or Jn. 6:35)
Week 3 John chapters 10-13 (or James 3 or 1 Peter 3) Romans 5:8     (or Jn. 12:25)
Week 4 John chapters 14-17 (or James 4or 1 Peter 4) Romans 10:9 (or Jn. 13:35)
Week 5 John chapter 18-21 (or James 5 or 1 Peter 5)     Romans 10:13  (or Jn. 14:21)